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Ant provides a minimalistic management interface for the database backend of Bind-DLZ. Currently Ant only supports PostgreSQL. However, the combination of pear MDB2 and a bit of oop should enable you to easily support any other db.

New release

I've gotten around to releasing a 0.2 beta. The schema hasn't changed. However, looks and php-code have.

Changelog version 0.2b

  • Added delegation for /25 subnets and up.
  • Added test function to check records.
  • Improved sql code.
  • Restructured the code.
  • Added simple actions log.
  • Improved templates.
  • Added create zone by templates function (dns/templates).
  • Removed the "hidden" javascript.
  • Deleting either zone or record requires a confirmation.
  • XFR tested successfully.
  • Fixed javascript mouseover style bug.
  • Changed directory structure.

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