Word of the Ant Hill

I have yet to write any real documents on how to install, maintain or either configure Ant. This document and the INSTALL document include key instructions to setup a basic Ant for one name server. Documents will be released on how to configure an Ant environment with replication. If you do not want to wait; the following page contains clear instructions to setup replication with PostgreSQL: Replicating with PostgreSQL


If you're knowledgeable enough to manage a nix server, you should be well able to install Ant. To be brief, after creating the user and the database, all that remains is to insert the schema and to alter the "include/def.php" accordingly. Mind you, placing the Ant php files in a directory readable by apache does increase its usability.


Now that you've got Ant "configured", you will have to make your fresh Bind DLZ install aware of the database and its layout. Add the following lines to your named.conf:

dlz "postgres zone" {
   database "postgres 2
	{host=/tmp dbname=DATABASE user=USER}
        {SELECT 'TRUE' FROM canonical WHERE content = '%zone%' limit 1}
        {SELECT ttl, type, priority, data FROM record, canonical WHERE content = '%zone%' 
	    AND host = '%record%' AND zone = domain}
        {SELECT ttl, type, host, priority, data FROM record, canonical WHERE zone = domain 
	    AND content = '%zone%'}
        {SELECT 'TRUE' FROM xfr, canonical WHERE zone = domain AND content = '%zone%' 
	    AND client = inet '%client%'}";

! Please note that DATABASE and USER have to be replaced by their respective values.

Bind DLZ

Documentation on how to build and install Bind DLZ is beyond the scope of this document. Please consult the Bind DLZ project page on SourceForge at http://bind-dlz.sourceforge.net/